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Yellow Ribbon Trucking

Erosion Control for Job Sites

Yellow Ribbon Trucking uses CDM Erosion Control Products and biodegradable fabric enclosures.

Theses products are used for detaining or directing surface water flows, retaining sediment, and protecting wetlands and other water resources. Absent of any synthetic materials, these silt socks can be left in place indefinitely, saving the cost of removal. The natural fabric eventually biodegrades and is used as a food source for the micro-organisms. Our Standard Duty Socks are UV Resistant and are great for normal usage. They work great for both perimeter control and high flow areas. Available sizes: 8" diameter, 12" diameter, and 18" diameter.

We also offer hydroseeding for bare organic surfaces. Hydroseeding uses a combination of fiber and or wood mulch products, grass seed, granular fertilizer, liquid lime and other products including tacking agents and hydrogel products. When combined, this liquid slurry mixture is sprayed onto the surface producing great results.

Erosion control fabrics and blankets can also be installed based on the needs of our customers.